Welcome to District 21's Website!


As meeting status change due to the COVID-19 virus, please email changes (suspended, new locations, times, etc) to info@aapalatine.org  Doing this will allow the website to be updated in a timely manner for the still suffering alcoholic! Click here for Meeting Information


Online Conference? YES PLEASE! Click here for a list of upcoming events


The main purpose of this website is to provide updated and current information on meetings in the Palatine and Rolling Meadows area,  service opportunities at the district  level and an updated calendar of events.


The District 21 Answering Service phone number is 847-359-3311 (call or text or email info@aapalatine.org)


The mailing address of the district is:

District 21

P.O. Box 1003

Palatine, Illinois, 60078-1003


For additional questions, corrections to information on the website or to get an event on the calendar, please email info@aapalatine.org


Note that the Palatine Club has many meetings each day and occasionally hosts events (picnics, holiday parties, etc).  For the most current information on what is going on at the Palatine Club, please visit their website.